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Mosquito Net Screen Systems by McCoy Fly Screens

New Delhi, 1st June’15: McCoy Fly Screens, an Italian company with proven track records of innovating new technology has recently launched their mosquito net screen systems in New Delhi. The mosquito net window screen offered by the company is expected to gain huge popularity due to no side effects and easy to install technology.

“In India today, the most popular mosquito protection is the incense coils. But regular use of these coils can have adverse affects on the health, especially of children and elderly. Here, this mosquito net screen system is more apt to provide protection from not only mosquitoes but also from flies and other insects as well. By using this screening net you can keep your doors and windows open while having complete protection from vector borne diseases”, said one high ranking official of McCoy Fly Screens. </p><blockquote>About McCoy Fly Screens: A part of McCoy Group of Italy, McCoy Fly Screens is dedicated towards bringing wellness and protection products to the urban India. Applying world class technology and material, the company strives to produce innovative protective items that can be effectively used to protect against insects, mosquitoes, flies and even from pollen in the air. The company employs a dedicated team of support experts all over the country to make sure only the best technology reaches their customers. </blockquote><p>The Italian brand well known for its innovative technology is presently offering door and window mesh for mosquitoes in four categories, such as the roll up insect screen, chain insect screen, single sliding insect screen and double sliding insect screen. While the roll up and chain insect screen types are good for windows, the sliding insect screen and the double sliding ones are suitable for single and double door respectively. These mosquito screens being of highest quality offer great ventilation and allow natural light to pour into your house. Thus, apart from providing you protection from mosquitoes, these screens also let you utilise the sunlight and save on your energy bills. Easily installable, this high quality mosquito net window screen does not obstruct the view at all. The launch was a timely one, as with the advent of summer every year various parts of the country especially New Delhi experiences the breakout of deadly vector borne diseases such as Dengue. But with this amazing mosquito mesh system you can now protect your household from many vectors and diseases brought by them. Extremely useful, these meshes are available in various colours too to compliment your interiors perfectly. High on utility and style, these easily installable window and door mesh is a must have for creating a healthy household. For more information:

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